GOD SHAPED HOLE by Tiffanie DeBartolo - 15-Year Anniversary Edition

Copy of "Tiffanie DeBartolo", "God-Shaped Hole"
Copy of "Tiffanie DeBartolo", "God-Shaped Hole"

GOD SHAPED HOLE by Tiffanie DeBartolo - 15-Year Anniversary Edition


Order the special 15 -year Anniversary reissue of Tiffanie DeBartolo's first novel!

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338 pages
Published by Sourcebooks Landmark
2017 Edition; Originally published May 2002

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Book Description

When I was twelve, a fortune teller told me that my one true love would die young and leave me all alone.
Everyone said she was a fraud, that she was just making it up.
I’d really like to know why the hell a person would make up a thing like that.

Written with the snap, glitter and wit of The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing, 'God-Shaped Hole' is a memorable, poignant love story that will leave you weeping with laughter. It is told in the wry, vulnerable voice of Beatrice “Trixie” Jordan who replies to a personal ad, “If your intentions are pure I am seeking a friend for the end of the world.”

In doing so, she meets Jacob Grace, a charming, effervescent thirty-something writer, a free spirit who is a passionate seeker of life. He possesses his own turn of phrase and ways of thinking and feeling that dissonantly harmonize with Trixie’s off-center vision as they roller coaster through the joys and furies of their wrenching romance. Along the way they try to come to terms with the hurt brought about by their distant fathers who, in different ways, forsook them. This story will prove so touching you will rush to share it with a friend.

"If Holden Caulfield were a twenty-seven-year-old woman living in LA, this is the book he'd write, or read. It's very fast and very funny, and at its core it's that rarest of things - a truly convincing love story." — Dave Eggers

"God-Shaped Hole will change you as a reader, writer and human. It is rare books like this one that remind me why I fell in love with the written word." — Colleen Hoover

"With wit and humor, the author brings these characters and their quirky, artsy friends alive. Bottom Line: You'll dig it." — People