Today’s topic of discussion: social media. I recently had a debate with a gentleman who thinks social media is the downfall of society and who, upon discovering that I participate in it, said, “Isn’t Facebook beneath you?”

First of all, I’m one generation removed from the wrong side of the tracks and that means nothing is beneath me (except Scott Schumaker on occasion. Ha ha.).

Second, above all other titles I bestow upon myself, I am first and foremost an artist. And, in my humble opinion, one of the responsibilities of the artist is to be a part of the culture, to immerse themselves in the culture, to experience the culture and to try to understand what’s happening in the culture, in an attempt to understand humanity.

One cannot be a great artist if one is not doing these things.

One cannot be a great artist if one is not passionately engaged.

One can be otherwise technically proficient in their chosen field, but he or she will not be connected and/or be relevant to their world if they don’t actually participate in it. Like it or not, social media is now an enormous part of our culture.

You can ignore it, you can roll your eyes at it, but if you do you will eventually find yourself sorely out of touch. So, instead of being negative, I say embrace it. Appreciate the opportunity to express yourself. Use your voice. Engage. Connect. Live every day as if it is a performance art piece. Share. Like. Be proud of yourself. And stop complaining. It makes you sound old.