BA is hiring a Digital Strategy Manager

Bright Antenna is hiring! We are currently looking for an experienced Digital Strategy Manager to join our Mill Valley team! Our offices are located across the Golden Gate Bridge just north of San Francisco. We have global partnerships with Warner Music Group and ADA Label Services, as well as Cadence/Fontana/Universal in Canada. 

Please familiarize yourself with the artists we work with before you send us a resume to make sure it’s your cup of tea. In your cover letter tell us your 3 favorite albums of all time, a little bit about what music means to you, and what your salary expectations are. IF YOUR COVER LETTER DOES NOT CONTAIN THIS INFORMATION, YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Resume and Cover Letter can be sent to

Digital Strategy Manager

• Oversee and develop relationships with key digital platforms and streaming and label partners.
• Work in conjunction with our team to execute both regional and global marketing campaigns and other initiatives for our artists, tours and label.
• Development and maintenance of streaming strategy for our artists.
• Playlisting strategy for our artists across multiple platforms.
• Work closely with DSPs to secure placements and marketing priority.
• Provide Social Media strategy and insights as it pertains to our campaigns.
• Work closely with our social media coordinator to create and execute paid digital marketing campaigns, including coordinating content creation.
• Identify, analyze and interpret analytics and trends in DSP data.
• Regularly feed data, analytics and global digital trends back to the rest of the company.
• Development of our CRM Strategy.

Required Competencies/Skills:
Must have prior music business experience!  
• The successful candidate will be well-connected across digital platforms and will have proven experience of running digital marketing campaigns and streaming initiatives.
• They will have excellent relationship-building skills and be able to provide detailed and useful reports for artists, management and the labels.
• Must love music and understand “fan” mentality.
• Strong leadership and problem-solving skills.
• Strong sense of community and excellent customer relation skills.
• Strong attention to detail, particularly in terms of reporting and content creation.
• Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.
• Excellent Communication Skills with the ability to convey information effectively across multiple levels of management and cross departmental.
• Excellent MS Office Skills.
• Strong sense of accountability, willing to take responsibility.
• Able to thrive in a time sensitive “under the gun” capacity.
• Ability to think conceptually while planning and attending to details.
• Self-motivated, highly detail-oriented and organized.
• Ability to learn quickly, adapt to new technologies and be self-directed.
• Strong sense of aesthetic and branding.

Special Requirements/Preferences:
• At least 2 years of experience in a similar role
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Be able to work on multiple projects/artists at the same time.
• Extensive digital/platform knowledge, including strong knowledge of emerging music and social technologies.
• Prefer individuals with specific experience working at record labels directly with artists, artists managers, booking agents, and fans.
• Please do not submit a resume if you do not have prior experience in the music industry! 

Education Required:
• BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.