So you’re in a band, you’ve recorded some demos, and you’re ready to submit them to a label. Now what?!

We’re glad you asked! We want to help you create a GREAT submission. If your submission is sloppy, we will judge you. Just kidding! We’re nice. But still...follow these guidelines to ensure a quality demo submission:

1) Avoid these common mistakes

1- Mail us a CD
What do you think this is, 1989? Just say no to postage, ace. You’re a musician. That $3 is the difference between dinner and no dinner, and here at Bright Antenna we understand that. Furthermore, we hate plastic and clutter. That means we don’t really like CDs all that much. (Welcome to the future.) Plus, the envelopes give us paper cuts, and that’s really not our kink. Especially not during Happy Hour, because lime + paper cuts = no bueno.

2- Ask us for feedback
We’re sure your band is awesome, and we’re looking forward to hearing your stuff. But we get many, many submissions. We cannot possibly send feedback to everyone. We’ll let you know if we like it, trust us.

3- Cc a ton of labels in one mass submission
This is just tacky. And lazy. If we're gonna take the time to listen to each band, you should take the time to separately email each label. Like a good lover, you gotta make us feel special.

4- Sound like Creed (this one speaks for itself)
Oh, so your album sounds like Human Clay? Well.... this is awkward.
Certainly there are labels who will put out a post-grunge rock album. Bright Antenna is not one of them. We highly recommend you take a listen to the bands we work with before submitting to us! Be familiar with the label’s aesthetic. There’s definitely wiggle room in the genre department, but…not that much.

2) Send us 1-3 of your best songs

Do not, under any circumstances, send more than your 3 best songs. We receive a large amount of submissions and only have time to listen to a few songs from each band. Make sure what we hear represents your best stuff!

You: But my ENTIRE album is full of hit singles. Seriously, you need to hear them all!
Us: We are loving the confidence! Just send us 1-3 songs, and if we like what we hear we'll ask for the rest.

You: But my best songs are already out on a self-released album. They are way better than the current demos I’m working on now.
Us: That’s okay! Send us 1-3 of your older songs. If we like it, we'll ask to hear your newer stuff, and can work with you to make your current demos just as good.

You: None of my songs are radio singles! I'm afraid you won't want to put them out.
Us: Ask your drummer for a hug (little known industry secret: drummers give the best hugs), and send the songs anyway. As much as we love hearing our bands' songs on the radio, don’t assume that your music needs to be “radio friendly” to be accepted.  Send us 1-3 songs that you think show your best work, and if we like what we hear, we'll be in touch.

3) Be professional

Treat the submission like a job application. Indie labels have very limited rosters, and we’re drawn to talented, intelligent people who seem pleasant to work with. This might be rock-n- roll, but you’re essentially asking people who don’t know you to like your music enough to help you make an album and go on tour! That’s asking a lot, so be polite, professional, and take the time to CHECK YOUR SPELLING! Did we say earlier that we won’t judge you? That was a joke. We WILL judge you. Let us judge your music, not your email.

4) Be concise

You're a song-writer, not an essayist. We don't need your whole backstory, and we don't have time to read it. 

Just give us the basics: who, what, where, and why.
- Who are you?
- What do you have going on?
- Where are you from?
- Why Bright Antenna?

We don’t need more than that. And like we said, if we like the music, we WILL reach out to you for more information.

We'll even help you out with a short and sweet sample submission:


We’re [BAND NAME] from [CITY, STATE or COUNTRY]. We’re huge fans of indie labels, but we think Bright Antenna would be a perfect fit for our band [BECAUSE...]. We would love it if you would listen to our music. You can watch a few music videos and a recent interview on our website. *

We’ve attached our three song demo [SUBMIT A SOUNDCLOUD LINK], press release, and band photo here.
We hope you like it!
website link

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know in order to send an awesome demo submission to an indie label as awesome as Bright Antenna.

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing your music!

- Bright Antenna Records