Introducing our new podcast!


Welcome to Cocktails with Bright Antenna - a podcast where we talk to artists, influencers and game changers of all kinds about music, creativity, life, and whatever the hell else they feel like talking about that day. Bonus: they make cocktails and sometimes perform songs too.

Here's a recap of the episodes:

Episode 1:
Bright Antenna and In The Valley Below (happily encouraged by some Jameson and Ginger Ale) talk all things life, love, art and music. Featuring an acoustic performance of ‘Pink Chateau’ and the brand new music video for ‘Rise’.

Episode 2:
Kyle Nicolaides of Beware of Darkness sits down to discuss yoga, video game chord progressions, and depression. Featuring acoustic performances of 'All is Right in the World Tonight’ and ’Space Between Us’.

Episode 3:
We join Pat Spurgeon of Rogue Wave and the guys from Second Line Vinyl to talk record collections, vinyl sperm, and the future of music listening.

Episode 4:
This one’s a treat. Tiffanie DeBartolo, writer and Bright Antenna's CESG chats with Jeff Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, to reflect on Jeff’s life, ‘Grace’, and a brand new graphic novel inspired by him. Featuring live covers of ‘Grace’, ‘Lover You Should Have Come Over’, ‘Mojo Pin’, and ‘Hallelujah’.

Episode 5:
Music legend Colin Hay joins Bright Antenna to talk about Men at Work, songwriting, inspiration, and brussel sprouts. Featuring live performances of 'Come Tumbling Down' and ‘Overkill'.