One thing is abundantly clear when Drake Margolnick takes the mic, he feels life.

Margolnick’s 2018 EP “Pop Tart" is a bit of a departure from his spacey, anthemic rock band, Flagship. It’s stripped back, it’s conversational, it’s sharp. Though one thing Drake can’t seem to shake is his knack for writing infectious and captivating melodies that seem to transport the listener to a rocking chair in the clouds.

“Pop Tart” feels like we’re getting to know Drake Margolnick on a deeper and more personal level, but don't take our word for it:

"I’m Drake Margolnick. Born on RAF Lakenheath air force base in Suffolk, UK. Raised in Charlotte, NC and Queens, NY. I’m a songwriter. I’ve been writing songs for 12 years (mostly in my other band, Flagship), and I’ll never give it up. To say music is life seems lackluster to me, maybe because the phrase is used too frequently. I will say that without music I’d be lost. I’d be a bottled up shell of a man. I used to abuse alcohol. I gave that up. A trip to Peru in the summer of 2018 changed my life. I’m grateful. I’m flawed. I’m special like you. I love. I hurt. I yearn for connection. I’m a family man. I’m a higher power fearing man. I don’t subscribe to a single religion. I respect them all. Sometimes I’m numb. Sometimes I feel so much that it feels like my heart might burst. I’m here for you. YOU. Reading this now. Let’s get through this (life) together. Let’s make it count. I’m a human, just like you."